Institutional Subscriptions
The IEEE CS is committed to making the Computer Society Digital Library available to as many institutions as possible.  We have a variety of subscription packages and offer special discounts for qualified institutions.

Known as the trusted collection of peer-reviewed articles and papers, the CS Digital Library is the best research tool for all computing topics – including cybersecurity, big data, the Internet of Things, predictive analytics – all of today’s hottest computing topics are covered, along with an unparalleled archive of invaluable research.

With the CS Digital Library, you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • 750,000+ peer-reviewed articles and papers
  • 41 past and present periodicals, including 16 globally-recognized technical magazines and 25 leading journals
  • Archives of critical research covering computer science and engineering
  • Conference proceedings from over 9,000 international IEEE conferences

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library collections are easily accessible 24/7 for desktop, laptop, and mobile device users.


Contact Georgann Carter or call +1 202.778.4712 to discuss your needs and whether your organization qualifies for a free 30-day trial.

IEEE Computer Society publications are also available as part of larger IEEE collections.

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) - $23,275
A CSDL subscription provides online access to the entire IEEE Computer Society Digital Library, including:
  • 41 magazines and journals with full archives
  • 9,000+ conference publications archived to 1995
  • Monthly e-mail alert highlighting new content
  • Multiple search options, including saved searches
  • More than 700,000 articles and papers
  • Anniversary or calendar year access

Download a Fact Sheet for the CSDL
IEEE ASPP subscribers may subscribe to the CSDL for $10,939
IEEE Computer Society PERIODICALS Package - $16,325
This subscription plan provides online access to all 41 periodicals (with full archives) in the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
Download a Fact Sheet for the PERIODICALS Package
IEEE Computer Society MAGAZINES Package - $8,195
This subscription plan provides online access to 12 magazines (with full archives):
  • Computer
  • Computing in Science & Engineering
  • IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • IEEE Intelligent Systems
  • IEEE Internet Computing
  • IEEE Micro
  • IEEE MultiMedia
  • IEEE Pervasive Computing
  • IEEE Security & Privacy
  • IEEE Software
  • IT Professional

Download a Fact Sheet for the MAGAZINES Package
IEEE Computer Society Pick5 Package - $4,535
This subscription plan provides online access to any five periodicals contained in the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. Features include:
  • Full archives for the five periodicals selected
  • Anniversary or calendar year access

Download a Fact Sheet for the Pick5 Package
Limit of one Pick5 subscription per customer

Become a Member and Save on Publications

  • Learn what’s new and what’s next with access to Computer magazine.
  • Access a wealth of computing information – at your fingertips with the Computer Society Digital Library.