Software Professional Certification Program

Keys to your professional success
Associate Software
Recognize your basic knowledge and understanding required for developing software products.
Professional Software
Demonstrate your proficiency as a software developer in four key software engineering areas.
Professional Software
Engineering Master
Showcase your professional mastery of 11 key software engineering areas.
You've Got Skills
Show your boss and the world that you're a true professional with a Computer Society software certification and expand your knowledge with other courses.

Associate Software Developer

This certification recognizes candidates who have the basic knowledge required for developing software products, including a coherent, demonstrable understanding of the principles and processes involved in software requirements, design, construction, and testing.

Professional Software Developer

This certification demonstrates your proficiency in four key knowledge areas (software engineering requirements, design, construction, and testing), as well as two applied modules. Candidates should have at least two years of college education in computer science or equivalent in a related field and two years of relevant experience in industry.

Professional Software Engineering Master

This professional certification showcases your professional proficiency in 12 key knowledge areas. You must also complete two advanced applied modules. Candidates should have at least four years of college education and four years of relevant industry experience.

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