Constitution & Bylaws Committee
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The Constitution & Bylaws Committee reviews, evaluates, and formulates changes to the Society’s constitution, bylaws and IEEE Computer Society Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM).  On an annual basis, the committee reviews the Society’s governance documents for consistency and relevance. It also reviews the applicable IEEE policies and procedures to ensure the society’s PPM does not conflict.  The committee recommends proposed changes for consideration by the Board of Governors and Executive Committee.

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee is chaired by the president-elect and consists of members appointed by the chair.

2019 Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Leila De Floriani, Chair

  • Greg Byrd
  • Hironori Kasahara
  • Anne Marie Kelly*
  • David Lomet
  • Avi Mendelson
  • Cecilia Metra
  • Melissa Russell*
  • Dimitrios Serpanos
  • Forrest Shull


* Staff

Updated February 2019