Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks: Section 17

Updated June 2019


17.1  Duties

The duties of the Nominations Committee shall include providing nominees to the Board of Governors for Board positions, Society offices of president-elect, first vice president, second vice president, ombudsman, secretary, and the IEEE division delegate-director-elect. The Nominations Committee also provides nominees to the Board of Governors for the Audit Committee and the Board-elected member of the Nominations Committee, and the annual solicitation of names of potential candidates to be considered by the IEEE nominations and appointments committees and boards. The IEEE Computer Society is committed to equality of opportunity and recognizes that its technical and professional interests are best served when a broad spectrum of backgrounds and talent is brought to bear upon its activities. It is the duty of the Nominations Committee to strive for slates of candidates that represent the diversity of the Society.

17.2 Election of Committee Members

The members of this committee are selected/appointed according to the procedure specified in Article XII, Section 11 of the bylaws.  All members should be selected on or before 1 January of the year in which they will serve.

17.3 Board Of Governors and Officers

The Nominations Committee shall make its nominations for Board of Governors positions and the officer positions of president-elect, first vice president and second vice president as set forth in Article II of the bylaws.  When vacancies occur on the Board of Governors, the Nominations Committee also shall provide to the Board nominees to fill these vacancies at the earliest possible date.  To avoid potential conflict of interest, a person should not serve as a franchised member of the BoG and as IEEE division director at the same time.

17.4  Division Delegate-Directors

The Nominations Committee shall make its recommendations for IEEE division delegate-director-elect candidates to the Board of Governors no later than four weeks before the Board’s first meeting of the calendar year in which the candidates are to be elected.

17.5 Other Nominations

The Nominations Committee shall provide nominees for the offices of Ombudsman, Secretary, Audit Committee members and the board-elected member of the Nominations Committee to the BoG at the board’s last meeting of the calendar year prior to the year in which these candidates will serve.

17.6 Board Candidate Requirements

The Nominations Committee shall make all potential board candidates aware of the travel requirements prior to soliciting their willingness to serve.